16 it/s(he) black

❣ ~ coding, psych, dr. who, cats, rats, pc building vids, musicals, and more


hello! my name is whizzer, but most ppl call me whizzy or whiz. i'm just your average funny twitter mutual tbh ^_^

i like rats, cats, coding, classical music, psychology, musicals. dr. who, sally face, and more.

if you're a typology fan, i'm an enfp 4w3 so/sx chaotic good....


you fit any of this criteria, you're mcyttwt, you like aot or hs. anything else i block.


mentally ill and autistic. i get confused and upset easily. sometimes i vent on main. if atticus or himiko get a callout, don't tag me, i know.


viscera sys, dean, marine sys,


BECKA: um silly loyal ... idk just like an honest guy

SETH: gay

ALSO BECK: that one undertale song thats like welcome to the underground but like personified

EDDY: the love of my life i would like to murder and send underground also this image